This is a weblog in the ancient sense of the word, meaning that I write about things I see on the Internet. So, why am I scratching up some old school CSS and coding to make a page on Neocities? Why bother making subsections? Because I miss the days when the Internet was a little more random and idiosyncratic. These days, everything is polished and branded, and it has lost a little of the "anything goes" feeling. I want to get back to my roots a little. I was 12 years old when I made my first website. It was a monstrosity with blue text on red background and five different fonts, and I loved it. Here's a partial list of things I'm interested in and will probably write about: resources for code hobbyists, old-school personal information management programs, linguistics, dinosaurs, weight-lifting, yoga, niche social networks, videos of dogs wearing people clothes, cats, Game of Thrones, more cats, the Victorian era, speculative sci-fi, ukelele covers of metal songs, and literally any advice I can find on organizing the pile of papers on my desk.